Political Values

You’re eating Thanksgiving leftovers at your parents’ home or with a loved one and you can’t help but remember the night before when that certain relative started going on and on about their political beliefs. Many of you contested to their opposing beliefs, many of you just heard and tried to move on to not make things tense around the dinner table. In today’s climate in America, politics are just inevitable to not discuss in family and social circles anymore. I’ve heard several people say they wish to go back to the old days, where people weren’t so divided in what they believe in, well, let’s dissect a bit as to why people have been unfriending their friends and family members irl.

It is needless to say that politics have always made a split between people, but during Trump’s presidency, it erupted, shaking everyone in their social circles to pay attention. Many were surprised to see their close ones sharing posts that did not align with their own ideals. Many online have argued with each other on topics involving if everyone should be allowed to carry weapons, illegal immigration, police brutality, women’s rights and COVID-19. Today’s political climate no longer involves big talks if human cloning should be a thing or if violent video games should be banned. Political discussion has evolved into something bigger that intertwines with people’s identities and core values where one feels that they cannot be around someone who does not share mutuality in that space as these political topics are deeply rooted in who we are through race, religion and moral values.

Unfortunately many have been disowned by family members or friends of many years due to not finding a middle ground or understanding during these times. Granted, it is disheartening to see or even be in situations like these but, boundaries are essential. Your beliefs and morals are what make you, you, and you should not let others step over what you believe in to keep that bond going. It wouldn’t lead you anywhere good and may actually take you to a place where you have less confidence or love for yourself. During these debates, patience and listening from both parties would change the way we feel after battling it out with our aunt or best friend, but many do not have either or the latter. When we enter an opposing political conversation, it is important to not have the drive to change their minds as their mind will only continue to be more opposed to what you’re trying to convey to them. As unfortunate as it is for both parties when their absence speaks, respect yourself by removing people who do not respect you. The only constant in our lives is change, maybe next year, Thanksgiving will be a little less tense eh?

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