Leave it to Future

Two can consider making their own world 

Two can consider making their own world 

Do it for the ones who died in books to prove that

An entire generation who knows nothing better 

How did you find me here?

Oh, let’s suppose we made a contract for us

N I got your name and your street address 

Oh, you’re all worked up with your big corporate job

N I’d almost assume you ain’t that good

I would jump off at the next crosswalk 

If it doesn’t feel right or you don’t want to talk

All the boys could never make me chase them like I’m chasing you

Can’t you see that you can’t stop me

I can see the feelings flew away with breeze 

I can also see tomorrow trying to delay

N billions of people who can’t give a good advice 

Do you wanna  come home to me?

Oh, I stared at your pictures 

Then I listened to those lyrics 

They were so loud, it hurts my head 

Well it seems like you but you’ve gained some weight 

And you got goosebumps marks but your heart’s okay

Yes, I like your voice but your comments are empty

I don’t want you to get scared and leave

I would roam around and dance and hook up until before dew, now I wanna stay at home and cook for you

I was waiting, for my baby To come and stand by my side 

Oh, please don’t come near me tonight 

Fuck the emotions 

Two can consider making their own world 

Oh, you know I said that just to make you laugh

Do it for the ones who died in books to prove that 

An entire queue of dreamers to blame 

The light is yellow, the speed is high

Either prepare to fly or be ready to die

Hate your friends obviously like you hate mine

You can never know when childhood ends 

Oh, no you can’t stop me and you never gonna guess what can, oh

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