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Leave it to Future

Two can consider making their own world  Two can consider making their own world  Do it for the ones who died in books to prove that An entire generation who knows nothing better  How did you find me here? Oh, let’s suppose we made a contract for us N I got your name and your…

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I keep writing bits and pieces, leave a story unfinished, unpolished by man, a woman at her best. I believe this to be a metaphor, and a good one at that. I’m being rewritten at the dome, reconstructed by the bell, become a narrative unfinished at the workings of God, polishing my beauty with grace.…

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The Tortoise

He takes his time, moving across your lawn. You didn’t expect him to be there at all. You would’ve saw him at a zoo or an aquarium behind glass, where children of all ages admire his shell, but complain about how slow he is. But there he is, this reptile slowly walking across, his home…

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