Old Friend

Hello my friend,

It is saddening to see you here, once more. 

We haven’t spoken in a while, how have you been? Where have your travels taken you?

I was doing well while you were gone, adjusted to the right channel on the radio. No static, hardly any advertisements.

I was operating and accepting the terrors of living, one day at a time. 

But here you are, and I am an immobile, slowing down on my very own journey. 

Like an addict, methamphetamine coursing through my blood, I’m out of bounds. 

You’ve never been good to me, you bring the best of my words as I cannot scream, I’ll give you that. 

But I’d trade my wordsmith for you to dissolve, my friend. 

You’re the only companion who hasn’t left, what’s taking so long governor? You’ve pushed all of my other comrades away, and I still don’t want to play with you can’t you see? 

I watch the squirrels on the trees and the sun carry on, I watch the world go on without me as I cater to your needs.

Fill you a cup of oolong tea with Texas honey to quickly get you back on the road. 

The older I get, the more inconvenient you become. Your visits are scattered and without a timeframe for your departure. 

I try not to speak to you while you’re here, but like adhesive, you won’t budge. Your weight fluctuates with every visit, sometimes a little less heavier than before. 

But today you come at your heaviest, takes me back a few years actually since I’ve last seen you like this. 

Please leave soon, the world is leaving me behind and it’s always difficult to catch up. 

I could’ve moved mountains without you, my old friend.


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Reformed, soft (not physically), in debt, eyebags since birth, coffee is my new drug of choice, the rest gives me severe anxiety.

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