What a time to be alive. Almost every person has used some sort of bingo joke or underlined the fact this is such a bizarre point in time. The words “pandemic,” “quarantine,” and “Coronavirus,” were one of the most top searched words according to Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year 2020.

Almost every person in some way has been affected by this pandemic one way or another. As of right now, there are 27,030,549 cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. Many are in quarantine, at home isolated by their loved ones, stressed out as they aren’t able to work and get their bills paid.

Many still believe the virus is a hoax premeditated by the government or other extreme groups. We are in a very bizarre place right now. Many are dying, some naturally, some in hospitals, away from everyone. Healthcare workers wondering when all this suffering will end.

On Jan. 25 in Sacramento, CA, a windy and severe storm took place in the late evening. Sacramento has a high population of homeless people scattered all over. Approximately four people died on the streets during these storms, according to an article by the Sacramento Bee.

Many homeless stayed out on the streets as several warming centers did not open while the harsh storm occurred. City Manager Howard Chan, refused to open up the center as he looked at COVID-19 as another risk if he allowed maskless individuals in.

Unfortunately, even if he did open the center, hundreds of these individuals are dispersed all over the relatively large city. It feels like such a surreal movie, where opening a warming center is taken into much thought process, as either option can be seen as endangering.

During that storm, a young homeless man, was sitting on the stairs of my apartment complex. I’ve seen him numerous times around. Many of the residents complain of having him sit on the set of stairs to rest. That night, I decided to make him a little bag with food and snacks and a few nitrile masks. As I was going down the steps, I heard a resident trying to kick him out. He had the door open, you can hear the wind howling unforgivingly. I finally made it to where they were and I stared at my downstairs neighbor. How could he kick him out especially during a storm outside. Luckily, he gave up easily and went back to his hall. I gave the man the bag and wished him well. What a time to be alive.

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