It’s getting too hard to try and keep up with everything going on with the election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

It’s stressful in every way shape and form.

We have, on one hand, a group of people who are so dedicated to the “original” system and ways of the founding of the United States that they’re ready to call foul as soon as the election doesn’t go their way. You know, like a child who starts to play a game with kids who are better at it than they are and tries to change the rules.

On the other hand you have a group of people who see the atrocities, because they’ve been carrying them on their backs in silence, hoping to be seen as equals who voted for the sake of better lives for future generations. Hopeful and the truly willing to work for change and betterment even if it means they might never see it.

Two hands with two very different grips on reality.

Many people have become awakened to the state of the States while others remain to be content to live as zombies. To be told what to think and feel and blame anyone who isn’t “with them” as having a hive state of mind/mentality.

We see the truth in the divide of those who want to fully go on living and those who just want to see their “enemy” dead.

This year has been all about battles: science vs. conspiracy theories, police injustices vs. black and marginalized people, women vs. their rapists, and politics vs. humanity. Hate versus Love.

Every time we thought we were making headway towards change, something new would come up and further divide us. We’d once again become trapped in our own webs of prideful lies.

In order to deal with the tangled mess of a life we’ve been living in, we first need to understand our individual parts in creating it. Everything we’re realizing no longer serves our true sense of life and living, was built overtime right under our feet. We may not have started the original construction but we helped pave the way for more of it to be built with our ignorance.

Turns out, nothing is what we needed it to be. From day to day life in working long hours, to health care services, and food distribution and education. We’ve been living a life under the guise of an incomplete dream. Here we are now, waking up.

Manifesting the rest of the dream to come to fruition so we can truly strive to improve on it as a whole from here on.

This election has begun to bring 2020 to it’s much needed end. And with how close (disturbingly so) the race has been, it’s brought us all to focus on the center of the web.

As we await the results, I simply ask myself: “Where do we go from here? Where do we need to go? Where do we want to go?”

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