In America it’s about who you know and that’s a big part of the problem. Bad actors manipulate a broken system most immigrants never gain access too. Why aren’t more Black Americans fighting for their reparations? Maybe because there’s enough laws on the books to pretend we have achieved equity. In reality, we have barely achieved equality. There are pay gaps between white men and white women. There are pay gaps between white women and black men. There are pay gays between black women and white women. About an hour ago we received emails from, an organization designed to start work place related petitions, stating that America is on strike.

10,000 John Deere workers just went on strike for the first time in decades to reject a pitiful pay raise offer.

Starbucks workers in Buffalo, NY are pushing back against chronic understaffing and unreasonable goals aiming to become the first unionized stores in the country. 60,000 film and television workers are ready to walk out because they’re sick of working 20 hour days and 100 hour weeks.

Microsoft stockholders have been publicly sharing information board members are supposed to vote on.

Culture Consultancy, a U.K. based business consulting firm reported that “companies regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority are piloting a scheme that makes diversity data gathering on company boards mandatory, as well as targets on gender and ethnicity.” So it isn’t just Blacks in America? No.

Black Americans are the only race inside America that cannot trace their wealth. During the founding of the NAACP and seen during the civil rights movement, laws were passed in southern states to protect the future disenfranchisement of Black people. America is still rich because of slave labor. America has become not a nation, but a corporation where more and more humans with social security numbers aka tax ids are done. The pandemic created the term the essential worker. The word essential is defined as absolutely necessary and important. The pandemic has changed the way we think about how we are treated at work, and with employers struggling to find new workers, they’re being forced to finally listen to workers’ issues and fix them.

The past 19 months have reportedly been a boom time for the DE&I consultant industrial complex. And as companies scramble to issue anti-racist proclamations and convene listening sessions with employees of color, the DE&I consulting industry has come under greater scrutiny. As The Cut reported, workers and experts alike have leveled accusations that the industry promotes diversity for optics, and companies hiring these consultants often treat DE&I as a routine matter of compliance, as opposed to an ethos that must be woven into their DNA.

How are white owned companies supposed to accurately tackle diversity, equity, or inclusion? You have to change the culture of the CEO. Trump Inc., Amazon Inc., and Facebook Inc., are all owned by different persons. That’s where the conversation of diversity needs to happen, at the very top.

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