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Most likely writing in my journals or notes in my phone, burying my face in a book, at a concert, laughing or eating fries. Recent college graduate with a ridiculous dream of wanting to write for a living.

Age Is Just A Number

I realize as I’m writing this that my birthday is in 3 days. In 3 days I’m going to be turning 26. A new age,a new year, another chance to experience whatever life has to throw an offer to me. If I’m being honest, I have some mixed thoughts on it. A part of me…

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When Love…Fades

So, you met somebody. And maybe you weren’t expecting it at the time. You gave your heart so many chances to be rebuilt by past lovers who could barely hold a small piece that broke off from someone else before. You didn’t feel like trying for what seemed like the millionth time again only to…

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I always had this thought in my head that nothing in my life could be permanent. I think the more I’ve grown up an experienced things in my lifetime, the more I’ve become accustomed to a temporary lifestyle. Maybe one day it will change. I wrote this poem after I read the book “In Five…

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This Is Me Letting You Go

I don’t want this to be so hard. But I guess it has to be when it’s something you know you need to let go of, even when it’s the last thing you want to have happened. It kind of feels like you’re giving up on something that’s always been bad for you. And no…

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I’m Not Where You Left Me

I’m a big fan of Taylor Swift, ever since I was 11. To say she has helped shape my life would be a total understatement. She’s been some of the reason for why I get a creative spark after bouts of writer’s block, and this time was no different. On the deluxe version of evermore…

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To My Mom, On Your Wedding Day

People always seem to ask this question: what’s your favorite memory? Whether it be with a friend, family member, or loved one, it’s a question for most of us, we’re able to answer right away. For me, it’s always been the same one because no matter how simple it is, it was during those times…

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3 Years Later and Taylor Swift’s Album “Reputation” Still Remains Supreme

Let’s go back in time for a second. Picture this: it’s 2016, and you’re on Twitter and there’s a hashtag trending called #taylorswiftisoverparty. Now, that hashtag not only has over a million shares, it’s trending number one on the social media platform. How did we get here? It all goes back to some people. You’ve…

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I Am One Of Many

When I was younger I got fed life in the wrong way. I watched the right television shows, made the right friends, didn’t cause too much trouble, did good in school, participated in any kind of activities. I did this thinking it would be enough. That the decisions and choices I made weren’t only right…

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The Double Standards Need to Stop

Recently, there was reports and pictures going around that showed actress Lily James kissing her married co-star Dominic West. There were headlines after headlines made about the affair and one thing I noticed was the unfortunate pattern being made from all of them. For the most part, Lily was being blamed for it happening. Everyone…

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