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I’m a big fan of Taylor Swift, ever since I was 11. To say she has helped shape my life would be a total understatement. She’s been some of the reason for why I get a creative spark after bouts of writer’s block, and this time was no different.

On the deluxe version of evermore she has a song titled, “right where you left me.” It’s about a girl who can’t seem to move on after a bad breakup while the person who broke her heart gets to move on and still have a life.

I know how it feels to be in that position. In fact, I was that for a while. But then I got older, I grew up and I realized that I wasn’t that same girl I used to be. So, it got me thinking: what happened if the girl in the song decided to move? This is my take on it.

Did you hear about the girl

who used to live two lives?

Tried to give her all to him

but longing for her old life

she was 23, inside a fantasy

not how it’s supposed to be.

Did you hear about the girl

who finally moved on?

Unclenched her fists

dust her shoulders off

doesn’t know him

she’s now 25, living a better life

and I’m not

standing in front of you

in the parking lot

when I wasn’t the one you want

hands tangled round my hair

I knew you didn’t care.

I could feel the rivers pouring out

you said you were done

there’s no doubt.

Life flashed right before me

still begged on my knees please.

But I’m no longer

at the parking lot

not writing things to

stir up the pot

I’m moving on from you now

no longer a sad show.

I stayed there frozen in time

until I found some way

some perspective

to thaw myself out

only a few bruises

but they’re all gone now

cause I”m not where

I got new friends

talk to my mom more

had my work published

you can’t bear witness

I know it’s been so long

since I last saw you

but don’t get this all wrong

cause I’m not where

you left me,

you left me no,

you left me no,

you left me no choice

but to leave you forever.

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