My dream world

Many doors have security guards for protection, but there is a door that is protected by the thieves. The door that is deeply connected to our souls.

Sometimes, we spend our whole life to reach that door, but could not find it. The door that make us worry, frastuated, looser and sometimes even we lose ourselves in the journey.

Some of us born with a golden spoon in our mouth and because of that we might have the key. However, behind the door, there is a beautiful garden full of life, flowers smell, green grass, waterfalls, and rainbow. Each of us has that garden in our life, and it changes its shape each day. The more sweat falls from your face the more flowers will grow. The more tears you throw the more waterfalls you will see, the more your body becomes hard the softer grass you will see, the more failure you accept and work on them the more rainbow color will bright. The more changeable you will give to yourself the more music of leaves you will hear.

Just imagine yourself in the gardens of your dreams. We may want to be a writer like me but who stops you to become the thieves. Rejections, failures, time, thoughts, fear, lack of sources, and thrust on yourself. These are the thieves that try to stop people to enter the world of their dreams. But once determination and willing power will become your friend you will never lose from those thieves. Remember you might not be born with a golden spoon, might not have tutored for teaching you, for reaching out your goal, might not have time to spend, might have financial problem but never give up if you really love to see your garden. It may take time, but betrayed you.

In life, if you ever give up so do not forget that it was not your dream. Because dreams not attracted people’s brain, but they attracted our souls.

Find your magic spells and hunt your dreams at any cost.

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