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When Love…Fades

So, you met somebody. And maybe you weren’t expecting it at the time. You gave your heart so many chances to be rebuilt by past lovers who could barely hold a small piece that broke off from someone else before. You didn’t feel like trying for what seemed like the millionth time again only to…

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I’m Not Where You Left Me

I’m a big fan of Taylor Swift, ever since I was 11. To say she has helped shape my life would be a total understatement. She’s been some of the reason for why I get a creative spark after bouts of writer’s block, and this time was no different. On the deluxe version of evermore…

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God Is Not Free

I read Clarke’s theory of whether or not God can do evil as God choosing to not do evil which, in turn, means that He is not free. I believe that having the power to do something is not the same as having the freedom to do something. Samuel Clarke’s theory of whether or not…

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China Passed Security Law Against Protest And The Freedom of People In Hong Kong

China has passed a security law that will penalize, criminalize and curtail protest, freedom of speech, subversion, and secession in Hong kong. President Xi Jinping had signed the security law, which has been included in Hong Kong’s Basic Law, according to China’s state news agency, Xinhua. The law is said to be enacted into the…

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Gaiming Higher

I am a gamer. Many of you are like me but there is only one, me. My games are my best friends. They are my life. I master them as I disallow mastery of my life. I must play harder and shoot straighter than the enemy which is my soulless existence trying to kill me. I must win before I am won.

My game is me, as I am me, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weakness, its strength, its parts, its accessories, its sights and expansions. I will keep my game polished and ready, even as I am nothing of the sort. We will become paradoxical of each other.

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