China Passed Security Law Against Protest And The Freedom of People In Hong Kong

China has passed a security law that will penalize, criminalize and curtail protest, freedom of speech, subversion, and secession in Hong kong.

President Xi Jinping had signed the security law, which has been included in Hong Kong’s Basic Law, according to China’s state news agency, Xinhua. The law is said to be enacted into the 50-year mini-constitution at the early hours on Wednesday.

This controversial security law has plunged the world into a serious anti-democracy fear. Amid of fear, the Demosisto, Pro-democracy organization has announced it will be ceasing all its operations. One of its popular activists, Joshua Wong already disclosed he will be leaving the group, which he had spearheaded elegantly and fiercely.

China’s new controversial security law proves that “one country, two systems” is not possible. This means that the constitutional principle describing the governance of Hong Kong and Macau could no longer work. China promised Hong Kong will be democratic as possible for 50 years, it has broken this promise as the new law.

Governments, organizations, and campaign groups have expressed their reactions towards the newly implemented law. Here are some reaction:

Taiwanese government disclosed “The move severely impacts Hong Kong society’s freedom, human rights, and stability,” said cabinet spokesman Evian Ting, as the Taiwanese government warned its citizens of an increased risk in visiting Hong Kong, ”

Taiwanese government said that “The government strongly condemns it and reiterates its support for the people of Hong Kong as they strive for democracy and freedom.”

Head of Amnesty’s China team, Joshua Rosenzweig said “The fact that the Chinese authorities have now passed this law without the people of Hong Kong being able to see it tells you a lot about their intentions, ”

“Their aim is to govern Hong Kong through fear from this point forward.” He added.

On Facebook, Founding chairman of Demosisto, former student leader, Nathan Law, labeled the law as the start of a “bloody cultural revolution”.

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