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Dear Justice Ginsburg,

Hope this letter finds you well, wherever there may be. My name is Sofia – Brazilian, twenty-four years old, Aries with rising Capricorn, sociologist whose work focuses on tales and dreams. I never expected to be able to speak to you directly, like this. I am, however, arrogant enough to think you would enjoy the…

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We didn’t deserve DareDevil

I’m really missing DareDevil you guys. As the pandemic rages on I’m trying to look up to people who are honest about their pain and understand the tragedy of trying to do good in a place that does not reward good. The New York City presented in Netflix’s Daredevil was exactly what I think about…

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You are not going to win Oscars

but that is not the end of the world. I could have had a YouTube channel at fourteen. Sharing opinions, discoveries, imperfect short films… But I was too busy saving my materials for the academy awards. Saving my scripts for competitions that would take me straight to fame and fortune. Needless to say, I didn’t…

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Should you go to film school?

Spoiler Alert: it depends (duh) Ok, so… Since this is probably the prelude to humanity’s twilight and we are slowly continuing to descend into pandemic-induced madness, it is no wonder the Trump administration is ignoring the all-encompassing chaos, pushing hard for simultaneously reopening schools while trying to kick out all international students under the pretense…

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People all over the world want my country’s president dead. Is that ok?

Let’s take a walk. I am Brazilian. My president is Jair Messias Bolsonaro. The guy is an anti-LGBTQ+ new right leader who actively advocates for the destruction of marginalized groups. From framing HIV patients as “too expensive” for the state, pressing for the unregulated exploration of the Amazon forrest and removal of indigenous populations constitutional…

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Leftube is saving my life

We live in a time of confronting things: our past, present and future. From (in my case) discovering 8,000 indigenous people were brutally murdered during Brazil’s dictatorship time and there was little accountability about it, to learning how recent is America’s state-sentioned segregationist past. As far as the present goes, we are collectively confronting police…

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Riding the Duolingo train

There is a green bird looking for you and it wants you to remember those verbs. I really like the idea of learning a language. The glamour of turning, mid-conversation, into a poet and recite verbatim some classy line from a foreign film is exactly the vibe my struggling author persona needs right now. At…

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