T.W Death, violence

A woman I knew suddenly passed away from a cancer that seemed to take her in one short breath. Her sister is still alive and she now grieves simultaneously for her only sibling and her own child, who recently entered a coma after a car accident.

Separate incidents fell upon the same family. Lives so connected affected by a sequence of cosmic twists that left so many people in pain.

Death and tragedy come with a deal of emptiness and a “Why?” that is never answered. From time to time, I guess we are all confronted with just how big that “why?”is.

It does not matter if you are religious or not. Faith is not into question, for I guess all beings have asked themselves “why am I still here?”, “why them?”, “why now?”.

In those moments, here is what I do: it does not make anything easier, be aware, but it gives me, at times, a necessary moment of stillness when my mind offers me nothing but thoughts about injustice.

I focus on life’s beautiful encounters. Just like there is pain, death and tragedy, there are moments when the wheel of fortune seems to have magically swung the other way. Births, art creations, successful adoptions, celebrations of life, love, dance, theatre – justices amongst a world of cosmic and social injustice.

There are tragedies and there are miracles in this universe where it’s too easy to lose oneself in the pain.

The way I “deal” with it is focusing on the miracles to find stillness and then encountering purpose (one might say vengeance) in upholding and finding ways to help those who prevent deaths, who fight against injustice, who cannot revert the clock, but find, in their own way, the key to miracle production.

Continuing to fight, amidst a live and a living of pain is, sometimes, a miracle onto itself.

Dear reader, I don’t know where you are, geographically or emotionally. But maybe, just, maybe, this helped you in some way.

I don’t know how to create one of those beautiful encounters life can offer, but, since I’m here and so are you, I guess I had to try.

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