Not all journalistic quality comes from newspapers, networks, and cable.

A good example of quality journalism is Propublica.

Based in New York City, Propublica specializes in long-form investigative reporting.

Analysts give it high marks for factual reporting:

They also say it has a moderate left-center bias. The organization, which has won four Pulitzer prizes since 2010 does in-depth reporting quickly. Today, their website features a number of compelling topics, but the one I want to call to your attention is the organization’s analysis of police conduct during the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests.

You’ll find it here:

This is good work, by any measure. It has been done well in a hurry and provides some balance. It’s not slapped together on the fly. Propublica’s journalism avoids hit pieces and offers readers substantive, issue-oriented reporting,

Not every topic is as interesting as this one, but if you’re interested in social justice and COVID-19 and abuses of power, you’ll find it of value.

The organization’s website is here:

I’m not big on giving advice, but this is an organization I recommend.

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