We didn’t deserve DareDevil

I’m really missing DareDevil you guys.

As the pandemic rages on I’m trying to look up to people who are honest about their pain and understand the tragedy of trying to do good in a place that does not reward good.

The New York City presented in Netflix’s Daredevil was exactly what I think about when I think about this city – pandemic or not. A city filled with life and at the same time, ruthless. Filled with expectations and dividing constantly those who “make it” from the ones who do not.

In the 1984’s Gosthbusters Dan Aykroyd says “I’ve WORKED in the private sector. They expect *results*.”

New York expects results and the Daredevil show makes/made you feel that. Broken characters being crushed by the weight of reality and the pains of adulthood (+, you know, all the superhero stuff).

I miss Daredevil because I miss those crazy kids in that realistic New York, sometimes standing their ground and sometimes failing miserably to do so. I need stories about strong people having weak moments. Maybe, we all do.

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