I always had this thought in my head that nothing in my life could be permanent. I think the more I’ve grown up an experienced things in my lifetime, the more I’ve become accustomed to a temporary lifestyle. Maybe one day it will change. I wrote this poem after I read the book “In Five Years” by Rebecca Serle.

Friends come and go
I can’t seem to make them stay
it’s been easier to say goodbye
like it’s any other day

Mom changed her last name
Dad chose to run away
they never warned me once you get older
everything gets gray

Boys only want my body
try to change my ways
always mistaking my no’s
for okays

I’ve moved six times
my last was in May
will I ever know the feeling
of having my own bed to lay?

I don’t know the word permanent
it’s not something I can say
If only someone told me
this is the price I’d have to pay

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