Your birthday

You turn thirty today

Your lucky year

I guess I should be happy for you

But I’m not

Too upset with the fact

That even after five years

I still remember your birthday

And I can’t chalk up some lame excuse

Like it’s the day before my best friend’s

Because as true as that is

It’s still a lie.

I tend to think back to 2020

Can you believe it’s already been two years ago?

I can’t

Because I still remember laying

Side by side on your plaid couch

The blanket your grandma made you

Covered my legs from the draft

Of the window you kept open

Even in February

You were the kind of person

Who kept the thermostat on 68 degrees.

Soon we’d find our way to your bedroom

The only witness to our illicit affair

Were your navy bedsheets

The same ones we picked out together

I guess you were only good at getting rid of 


It was always different with you

The only guy who could leave me breathless

With a single touch

You set me up for a lifetime of failure


But really, I do hope you’re happy

And you can finally keep a woman in your life

I don’t know when I’ll forget how many steps

It takes to get up to your second-floor apartment


Or the band we saw the night you said

You loved me 

Third Eye Blind

I don’t even know when I’ll forget your birthday

And treat it just like another day in the week again

But I’m trying

So until then

Happy Birthday.

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