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Your birthday You turn thirty today Your lucky year I guess I should be happy for you But I’m not Too upset with the fact That even after five years I still remember your birthday And I can’t chalk up some lame excuse Like it’s the day before my best friend’s Because as true as…

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Remember Us, Always

I take a small sip of this champagne, feeling it warm my senses as it travels down my throat, attempting to smile at each guest my husband introduces me to, all the guests he does business with. Most are men of course, their wives by their sides, smoothing their tuxes as they shake my hand…

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The Wait

The silence in this room is chilling, haunting, killing a mind with innocent thoughts and tragic emotions. It’s consuming a soul tortured by the still air, the stagnant flow of the dust. Rose, a name too sickening for her own naked ears to bare, only hears the ticking of the clock placed ironically by the front door, ticking…

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