Freshen Up Your Home For Spring With These 6 Products

Spring has finally sprung, and ‘tis the season for spring cleaning, home refreshes, and some redecorating to make your space more inviting! Whether it’s just for you and your family or you’re planning on having more guests over now that the weather is warming up, we have the perfect recommendations for new home decor, cleaning products, and more. Check out six of our picks! 

Amaranth Vase Co. Cool Grey Diamond Vase ($39.99)

Nothing says “spring” quite like a pretty bouquet on your kitchen counter, but it can be hard to properly take care of your flowers to give them the long-lasting life they deserve. Amaranth Vase Co. has the perfect innovative solution with their unique vases, which have a drain to let the water out before you trim the ends of the stems – which you can do effortlessly with the twisting base that lets the stems peek out without making a mess! And the vases are made with a mix of plastic and marble powder, so they’re more durable than those glass vases you get paranoid about dropping.

(c) Amaranth Vase Co.

Cloth + Bristle No. 001 House Cleaner ($15.95) 

How many times has this happened to you: you find a pretty good cleaner, but the packaging is just… not cute? Cloth + Bristle is changing the game, one adorable pink bottle at a time. Their cleaners are made with ethically sourced ingredients and can take on any surface in your kitchen, bathroom, and even more. The results are simply fabulous and you have to try it for yourself.

FabSlabs Natural Wood Grazing Palette ($115.44)

All the way from Australia come the stunning FabSlabs wood cutting boards, which fight bacteria like no other brand you’ve come across. Even after 10 years, some of these boards showed absolutely no bacteria growth! So not only will they help you keep your family safe, but they’re absolutely gorgeous. Each board has a one-of-a-kind wood grain, and they’re perfect for appetizers, charcuterie boards, or a warm-weather barbecue with your neighbors. 

TREMG would like to thank FabSlabs for offering us free product in exchange for an honest review!

(c) Fab Slabs

GarmaGuard Garment and Fabric Cleanser ($12.99)

Every home loves a good spring cleaning, but what do you do about your couch, car seats, or even pet beds? Give them a good spritz of GarmaGuard! The world’s first all-natural garment spray wowed fans all over the U.S. when it appeared on Shark Tank, and it’s the perfect option for those hard-to-clean textiles and items in your home. 

Loom & Table Floral Tablecloth ($74-104)

Give your dining room a colorful spring flair with a pretty new tablecloth from Loom & Table! We love the delicate yet fun designs they offer, particularly the floral option, and you can even pick up matching cloth napkins for the ultimate luxe dining experience. We can totally see the Amaranth Vase Co. vase from above being an adorable pairing with this.

(c) Loom & Table

Persik Pure-Sky Microfiber Dusting & Cleaning Gloves ($9.99)

Dusting your home is all fun and games until a bunch of dust starts floating around the air, but that won’t happen with Persik’s Pure-Sky microfiber cleaning collection. With just water, or even simply dry, products like their cleaning gloves will clean your shelves, tables, and more effortlessly. And the fibers will catch the dust they pick up, so no more coughing after you clean!

(c) Persik

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