26 Lessons I’ve Learned In My Life (So Far)

I turned 26 on February 19th and although it hasn’t been long since experiencing this age, part of me is starting to understand both the gratification and scariness of getting older. It’s hard to believe I’m transitioning into my late twenties when it still feels like just yesterday I was starting high school or laughing on the playground.

As I’ve gotten the opportunity to get older and grow up there have been plenty of things I’ve learned along the way. Some of them had to be learned the hard way while others were a special blessing in disguise. These are 26 things I’ve learned in my life….so far.

  1. Alcohol is not your best friend
  2. Appreciate your parents more
  3. You’re not a failure
  4. Comparison will hurt you, not help
  5. You can’t plan everything
  6. Know your worth
  7. If it makes you happy, keep at it
  8. You will get over them
  9. Look up from your phone
  10. It wasn’t your fault
  11. It’s okay to not be okay
  12. The number shouldn’t matter on the scale
  13. Just do it, don’t have regrets
  14. Moments turn into memories fast
  15. Learn to say no
  16. Learn to say yes
  17. You have a voice for a reason
  18. Having independence is necessary
  19. Buy yourself the damn flowers
  20. Treat yourself, but also save
  21. Don’t apologize all the time
  22. You won’t get anywhere if you don’t try
  23. Put yourself first
  24. Age is just a number
  25. It’s okay to be afraid to grow up
  26. It’s true when they say when you’re not looking for it is when they appear

I hope you can take something from this list no matter your age. I may only be 26 but I still have a lot to learn and experience and I can’t wait for what’s to come.

Food For Thought

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Most likely writing in my journals or notes in my phone, burying my face in a book, at a concert, laughing or eating fries. Recent college graduate with a ridiculous dream of wanting to write for a living.

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  1. Ah, Pisces. Old soul. Your words are precious. I am 70. I still feel 4. I have daughters born on the 18th and 20th February. They are in their 30’s and lamenting age. I smile. You are all still so new to life. I send love and light.

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