Media Vlogger Tahyira Savanna was slapped with reality yet again with the Murder of #NiaWilson by a white man on the BART subway station in Oakland, CA. Tahyira has marched for Black Lives Matter in NYC and at the Million Man March in DC. Today, Sunday August 12th – Unite The Right 2 is being held in DC as well. Our President and his men do not care about our points of view. We have them either way. In this video she talks about how it feels being Black in America with all of the headlines and hashtags. She also discusses the upside of things to come. #TahyiraSavanna / #TrumpAmerica/ #RemainingBlack / #ALEC / #ROCKTHEVOTE #ElectionsInNovemeber #TakeItToThePolls #UseYourVoiceForChange / #ILetTheGoodTimesRoll IF YOU HAVE AN ORGANIZATION THAT CAN ASSIST WITH AWARENESS PLEASE CONTACT TAHYIRA FOR THE VIDEO. IF YOU HAVE AN EVENT IN LA OR NYC AND YOU’D LIKE ME TO COVER IT ON THIS VLOG PLEASE REACH OUT! MY PR’S CONTACT IS Managementnotes2017@GMAIL.COM AND DON’T LET IT SCARE YOU OFF! WE ARE THE NEW MEDIA! SUBSCRIBE FOR UPDATES!

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