By Pamela Goldman

1. When did you realize you were put on this earth to make art?
Well, I realized it very soon, I have always liked to play with colors and to draw as every little child does but…I clearly remerber two special moments amongst all the others, one was when my Father, who has always been passionate of Art, and was an amateur painter also, brought me visiting some of the many exhibitions held in Italy, my native Country; the other one was represented by the “Artistic Education” time-lesson during the school years. Every time, I felt thrilled and moved but at same time I felt so perfectly at ease and I knew that was my “true skin”! 

2. What artists or periods of art are you most inspired by?
I am generally inspired by great artworks. There is not a particular period I prefer…but if I had to choose three names, then I would say Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Antonio Canova and Auguste Rodin. 
3. How much does “beauty” factor into your art? It counts a lot. I love details and the perfection of the shapes in their being as much as faithful to reality. Of course it’s a challenge but a vital aim also, beauty implies “something good” it allows us to unveil a sense of Love. 
4. What is your process from drawing to completed piece? Honestly I don’t sculpt every day, every single moment, I don’t “plan” it counsciously and for this I don’t draw that much. Being not a hobby in my spare time, it generally happens that something, a thought, a feeling, a music, a poem, something in my usual life triggers my imagination and I am like possessed by a sort of inner uncontrollable strength which directly leads me in the creative process; it’s like I am a sort of spectator who is looking at a scene which is actually self-creating under my eyes. When I am in that mood I forget even to eat and could sculpt for hours until I have to fall on my bed!

5. Did your parents support you becoming an artist or was there a struggle?No, even if I proposed them many times to let me attend dedicated schools they refused it and I went on studying Foreign Languages and Literatures; I got a University degree in Simultaneous Interpretation and Translation, keeping so my “old passion deep in a drawer”. 

6. Are there any prizes or public recognition you would like to mention?Those I am more affectionate are the ones from my family and friends. Their sincere affection, interest and words of appraisal are the real fuel that makes my heart sing and inspires me to do the best I can. Of course there are also two more “Institutional” mentions I would like to share: one special mention was dedicated to my sculpture “Equilibrium” by  Prof. Phd. Pinto in Naples, who selected and included my artwork, as a sample of contemporary new figurative sculpture, in his University Study Book “Artistic Contemporary Realities”; it is possible to watch a part of this exposition in the below link:
The other one, which I am also very proud of, is the unparalleled Artistic criticism written by the Well Known Italian Phd and Art Critic Giada Eva Elisa Tarantino dedicated to my artwork “Equilibrium”; here is the text for all the Italian language lovers and speakers: Ne “La Democrazia dell’Arte”, esposizione collettiva internazionale d’Arte contemporanea, curata encomiabilmente dallo Storico e Critico d’Arte Professor Giorgio Gregorio Grasso, tenuta alla storica e suggestiva  Fabbrica del Vapore di Milano, ed “ai Tempi della 58ma Biennale di Venezia”, la portata eidetica dimensionale coinvolgente della Risonanza fatta Forma: come coscienza plasmata, dall’abisso al volume, la Scultura é come voce dell’eco interno del Sentire, modellata per vibrare d’ideale, tra materia ed infinito: l’emblematica, evocativa – e di rara eleganza – “Equilibrium” (40×60 Bronze Sculpture) di AmA, Anna Pirrello, é il convesso corpo muliebre librato su globo – ovvero, maiestatico ‘cosmocrator’, creatore del cosmo, secondo sacrale iconografia arcaica -, che su di esso levita, proteso in ascolto, come il lembo di una bronzea conchiglia. V’invitiamo a rivivere, in Mostra, ciò che pulsa oltre la perfezione stessa del modellato, oltre il canone d’Arte, oltre ogni incognita in reificazione: la libertà e il dovere di Sentire, laddove il corpo é solo la domanda che vive per la risposta, se la risposta stessa é l’anima in ascolto sospesa a vibrare dove l’onda va ad acuire, appassionato contrappeso, sopra un mondo che si perde. 
  7. How can people see your work? Do you have a website?  
I have opened a Facebook page which is “Ama PrøfiloUfficiåle”,an Instagram one which is: ama_officialprofile and a personal website
8. do you have an art name or are you known by your personal one?
I do have an art name which is AmA.It comes from the fact that my real name is Anna and when I write it fast it always comes out as Ama…the two letters “nn” become fused together like in an “m”; in Italian “ama” is the second person of the imperative tense of the verb Amare, so ama literally means (please) love! And I really feel this is the true inner aim of my whole Art…spreading and suggesting and remembering people to Love, because the whole world deserves it.

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