‘Love, Believe and have Grace for all that you know will benefit your mind and others alike.’

     I believe in all abiding spirituality and common sense to be the backbone of all that I know. We live in a world of balanced positives and negatives, where we also step on the respective scales to bend the knee or overpower for our own will. Though this has become known as life’s’ sentiment and reality, I believe that we (as a race of conscious and coherent human beings) must gather the pieces of peace by adhering to POSITIVES AND CONSTRUCTIVE POSITIVES. When you allow any negativity to plant it’s toxic seed in the mind, we begin to let its agenda grow and consume us slowly. This could be a deterrent from childhood dreams, passions, desires and activity alike. Negative will always result in the same thing… pressure on you and the weight causing you to wait endlessly for nothing to happen but all those who press to press on and thrive with you under wraps.

     The Pieces of Peace are an amalgamate of theory and logical action I’ve taken to better myself, but here we will discuss an overlying mindset to give you a general grasp of my mentality. We live to only be Great and achieve our Great Purpose. We live to grow and be an example and not become busy with forcing our word through ear. To be Great is to live fully for your passion and forward direction while not falling off balance by being in competition with anyone else. Instead, be an example for those who need it and while doing so, you teach them to be Great as well. 

     Our Greater Purpose here on earth is to be strong enough to uplift that pressure and redirect the intent into positive notion. To grow and become our own hero’s and inspiration for others to do the same along the chain of communication we’re all connected by as a collective organism.

     I aim to be that example through H.I.M. and am full fledged at shining as a symbol of love and understanding for all perspective. We must come to understand so much of the human mind, primarily the underlying concept of self-projection and its sectors. There’s never a time where anyone is not projecting their past pain (not yet closed off)  when you feel attacked; they’re just dealing with issues they’re still facing, pending situations, foreshadowed issue, etc… And once you understand this, then you can heal your mind and action on any given situation to become a Human Being Great. 

     Showing this kind of love and encouragement will ultimately heal the spirit, heart and appearing flesh. This enacting their mind to inevitably do the same. Now, this mindset is my version of many different lessons I’ve learn throughout my life and so on, but this is nonetheless ideal to live intuitively and beautifully.

     Thank you for taking the time read through my piece, and I hope you’ve found a new layer of perspective to grant you peace.


Thomas-Matthew Elijah Shands

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