The letter, address to Georgia’s Governor, asked for simply reasoning. The video of Arbery’s encounter with two civilians has gone viral. It is clearly a hate crime. The charges against the two men are murder charges. But we must remain real. George Zimmerman will never be forgotten. This is a powerful move from Team Roc as they continue their fight for Criminal Justice reform.

The Roc Nation statement is co-signed by Jay-Z, Meek Mill, Alicia Keys, Yo Gotti, Arbery family Attorney Lee Merritt, and Trayvon Martin Attorney Benjamin Crump. The open letter will appear in Sunday’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a leading news outlet in Georgia.

Another concern of Roc Nation as well as those seeking justice for Arbery is the perceived conflict of interest with District Attorney Tom Durden and the alleged murderer George McMichael who is a former police officer.

“In addition, we must demand District Attorney Durden recuse himself from the case, as the elder McMichael is a former police officer– a clear conflict of interest for District Attorney Durden,” the statement reads. “And calls for a special prosecutor be appointed by Attorney General Carr must be answered, to preserve the rule of law and the pursuit of justice.”

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