The human side of Hillary Rodham Clinton

It seems like a lifetime ago that Hillary Rodham Clinton lost the election against Donald Trump. So much has changed in the political landscape since 2016. Watching this documentary it definitely makes you realize it was a very different time in world history. The political climate has changed for the worse where integrity and truth no longer seem to be a part of a President’s character.

Hillary on Hulu gives the viewer in insight into the life of Hillary Rodham Clinton from the very beginning including the run up to the election and the days that followed. This is a first hand account with interviews from Hillary Clinton and her inner circle of friends and colleagues.

There are many rumors that are explained, what it was like for her to learn her husband had cheated on her, how her first priority is her daughter and how motherhood changed her perspective, also what she felt contributed to her loss in the election in 2016. There is a remarkable frankness and some self reflection that has taken place in her explanation, but you can also see that there are areas that are still difficult, most significantly the affair her husband had and how it still upsets her.

This is a documentary that paints Hillary Rodham Clinton as a human. You walk away understanding what motivates her, what are her passions in life and how much she adores her daughter and family. This is not a side of Hillary that has been portrayed in her professional life as a lawyer and then a politician.

Understanding why Hillary Clinton lost the election and what are her thoughts on the whole situation does make you wonder about the mechanics of Government and the games each party play to get each other elected. 

The lack of trust and the emails controversy played a big part into her election campaign and she does point out that they did contribute to her unsuccessful run in the election. But she also discusses the female bias and some people simply not liking the idea of a female president or being told what to do by a female as the reason they didn’t vote for her.

After watching this documentary you do realize that Hillary Clinton has had to fight her entire life to get where she is making some very tough decisions, some good, some bad. But all along the lines of what is right, depending on which side of the political fence you stand. 

But what Hillary did remind viewers is that the current President only won by three states, not by a landslide as he keeps on saying. So if we really want to make a difference at a time when the world appears to be falling apart it is important that we get out and vote. 

There are some very important issues that need to be considered when it comes to voting. Hillary made a point to highlight the importance of understanding where the party who stands for the values you do, #BlackLivesMatter, LGBTQIA rights, Women’s Rights, Healthcare, Student debt and Climate Change need to be addressed and choose the person who aligns with your own ideals. 

Watching Hillary you realize that like everyone else she is a human and her passion in life is helping others and this documentary does illustrate the importance it is for everyone to get out and vote.

Hillary is currently available to stream on Hulu.

Tahyira, our EIC, got an opportunity to attend a live Q&A with the film’s director, Nanette Burnstein. It was very interesting to hear from female documentary director where the subject was also a female. You felt the feministic vibes come through the zoom screen. The conversation was presented by IDA and moderated by Spectrum News Anchor, Alex Cohen. Tahyira’s question was the first to get answered, she asked, “How many years of footage did you have to review before final cut?”. Burnstein and Cohen both thought it was an excellent question as Tahyira popped up on the Zoom screen, she was happy to say that she was loving the chemistry of the conversation. Burnstein went into technical details of pre-production which was essentially 4 months of archive searches. She said they hit a treasure trove when they got access to the Arkansas local archives because that’s where she and Bill started their family life.

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