By Joe Brock

Just imagine it now, the butterflies you get the night before a magical vacation, the restless I-Can’t-Sleep-For-Anything feeling we all get before embarking on our next adventure. At this point it feels like forever since any of us have felt that feeling, with no clear light at the end of the tunnel yet either. For all you wanderlusts out there, I truly have empathy for what we are all suffering through right now. COVID has put a real damper on travel around the entire world, closed borders and fear based media coverage has either scared or forbidden anyone from really jetsetting anywhere at the moment. But hey, maybe it’s like Trump says, before we know it the virus will just “disappear” and it will be like it never happened…


Wrong! It did happen and it won’t just disappear unfortunately, but we will adapt and that means for traveling too! Eventually people who want to travel, who live to travel, will absolutely venture out into the vast unknown to explore and conquer the earth, eventually. When exactly that will be no one can say for sure but one thing is absolutely guaranteed, WE WILL TRAVEL AGAIN!

The world is waiting in silence almost, healing itself and preparing for new waves and new generations of travelers like yourself to get out there and reach the ends of the earth. Now is the time to start planning your next big vacation, whether you seek to briskly return to normalcy and fly on a plane, or you’d rather play it a little safe for the time being and take off on a road trip as to avoid the airports, NOW is the time to start mentally, physically and emotionally preparing ourselves to travel again. After months of lockdown and uncertainty it will be wise for folks to take baby steps so to speak when it comes to traveling again, go local before you go international, remind yourself what it’s like out there in the big open world outside your four walls of lockdown.

The best news in all this? Traveling for the time being has become SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper, airline tickets, hotels, car rentals have all slashed their prices by huge percentages and they are desperately trying to lure people back into traveling. So why don’t we all take advantage? With the proper precautions and safety measures there’s just no good reason why we shouldn’t start getting back to doing what we as wanderlusts love the most, adventuring into the great unknown and soaking up all the culture and knowledge from the world as we possibly can.

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