Reddit is buzzing with excitement this week as 06/23/2020 was the 1,000th day of Fortnite Battle Royale going live! Throughout the seasons players have been overjoyed to see the storyline unfold before their eyes while we all try to make connections between the various seasons.
This 1,000th day comes just 6 days after the long-awaited Season 3 Chapter 2 update that was postponed initially due to programming issues and then again so that the Black Lives Matter campaign could remain at the forefront of social media.

People on the r/FortNiteBR thread are commenting about their first experiences playing on Battle Royale so if you have played feel free to hop over and join the conversation. Reddit user harryhuang_5 says, “I would’ve never thought that this one ad I had of Fortnite back in October 2017 would have changed my life forever”. Other fans feel the nostalgia rolling in and are reminiscing over their favorite locations that have been lost to the map forever. Reddit user tendeuchen says, “RIP Dusty Depot”.

The community is coming together to remember their favorite Fortnite moments today and it is truly heartwarming to see. This is a battle royale style game that also includes a creative mode, team rumble and a coop version entitled Save the World.

With the new season starting 1 week ago players have seen a new partially flooded map, new characters Kit, Ocean and Jules along with loot sharks and a guest star Aquaman. I am excited to see this new season unfold and what changes the map will bring as the flooding subsides.

What do you think will be changing in this new season? Share to join the conversation!

*Photo by BagoGames*

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