“To be or not to be, that is the question”. The 2020 season of NFL football lays in peril, potentially wrecked by the dastardly coronavirus. The Hall of Fame game , the starting of pre-season every year in Canton is cancelled. We do not know what lies ahead, all we know for sure is the players will be taking more knees than a prostitute .

If we do have a 2020 season, here are my picks for fantasy football. I have added rookie players to highlight in each position


  1. Patrick Mahomes- The gun slinger is in his prime and leading his team, the Kansas City Chiefs into the future The stats speak for themselves last y eat he had 4031 passing yards, 26 TD and QB rating of 105%
  2. Lamar Jackson- running and throwing his way to the playoffs last year, LaMar Jackson proved his worth and really came through at the end of the season. Hopefully his running wont be stunted as so many are , as this is his biggest threat, but also the biggest fear for injury
  3. Russell Wilson- Overall better stats than Mahomes, Wilson is now considered a veteran with 4110 yards passing, and a QB rating of 106% for 2019. He is solid in the mic of throwing and running.
  4. Rookie- If he gets the chance, Justin Herbert with the Chargers could be big. He will perhaps duke it out with 10 year veteran Tyrod Taylor He would have a great set up that Phillip Rivers left behind in the WR and RB positions.

Running Backs

  1. Christian McCaffrey- Who else could be number 1? C mac was off the chain last year running circles around everyone,and averaging just about 30FP a game. The only question is, can he pull it off in 2020, when the panthers are rebuilding. I think that yes, he will be the constant and they will turn to him to weather the storm.
  2. Derrick Henry- Henry had a monster breakout year last year for the Titans. He led the league in rushing yards, and I expect to see him get handed the ball under Tannehill. Hope he doesn’t hold out.
  3. Ezekiel Elliott- Zeke was ranked fourth last year, guess he didn’t have the smorgasbord he intended. He is right though, he needs to be fed and often. 40 touches is great and optimum, but it needs to be in the end zone and across that goal line too.
  4. Rookie- JK Dobbins- Baltimore Ravens- I am going out on a limb here. While Lamar is a runner by nature, like anyone they want their star QB to stay healthy. Ingram has had some injuries, so look for JK Dobbins, who broke 16 tackles in the Wisconsin game as a dark horse this year

Wide Recievers

  1. Micheal Thomas- I pick him because he is really consistent. He and drew Brees have a simpatico that cannot be denied. 1370 yards of catches cannot either.
  2. DeAndre Hopkins- Kyler Murray and Hopkins equals score in my book. He is a great all around player and will really help the big picture in Arizona.
  3. Julio Jones- While I do not think he had his best season last year 2020 projects to give Jones the uptick. Matt Ryan is confident he is the best QB in the NFC South so..
  4. Rookie-Brandon Ayiuk- San Francisco 49ers- I know… with all the big names and great offense ( and defense) on this team, why add another. Obviously something was seen, and he was drafted to play, so let’s watch how the chemistry goes between Garappalo and this kid.

Tight End

  1. George Kittle- He’s exciting, he runs over people, he blocks, he catches and crosses the end zone. He is George Kittle.
  2. Travis Kelce- The numero onu to the many weapons of Pat Mahomes, Kelce is solid, just a little worry about injury. He caught for 1229 yards and had 6 TD’s for his team last year.
  3. Mark Andrews- Love this guy. He gets open, and gives Lemar Jackson lots of options with the ball. 850 yards last year made him a prime target.
  4. Rookie- Devon Asiasi- New England Patriots- Since Rob Gronkowski left the Pats have not filled the void, their scheme really relies on TE ability. Now, he really doesn’t have blocking ability, but catching, yes.


  1. .San Francisco 49ers- This defense tore through most offenses last year. Defense against the short pass, the intelligence of calling out the fake and option, and speed and experience of these defensive pass rushers are what makes this defense number 1 in my book.
  2. New England Patriots- Even though the offense imploded, the defense was mostly on point. The takeaways , the turnovers forced, the hurries the pressure!
  3. Baltimore Ravens- another good year is ahead for the Ravens, with their offense being top notch and their defense nothing to sneeze at either. Marcus Peters is installed and a great play maker.
  4. Honorable mention- Buffalo Bills- Buffalo brought in on last year, and hope to keep the pressure going. They allowed the second fewest points and the third fewest yards.

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