Keren Levy, Payoneer’s COO, addresses clients concerns regarding Wirecard blockage.

Payoneer is one of the payment service companies affected by the Wirecard scandal that continues to unfold during this weekend.

Wirecard AG’s CEO got arrested in Germany last week while the operations of the company’s UK branch were halted last Friday. Clients of Payoneer raised their concern on social media regarding the potential loss of their funds.

Payoneer has addressed the issue and is currently very active on social media, answering the questions of its clients. They assure that funds are not lost and that they are doing everything they can to continue offering their prepaid card service.

Keren Levy, Payoneer’s COO, personally answered clients’ questions on a video the company uploaded on YouTube. She guaranteed funds are safe and that the company is working closely with the UK authorities to unblock the debit cards so clients can make use of their money. She also declared that they are in contact with Mastercard Europe and, hopefully, will offer a card directly issued by Payoneer.

Twitter users affected by this problem are voicing their concern about the future of their money. Some of them criticized the apparent lack of concern of Payoneer when they failed to warn clients about the problem. That way, account holders could have withdrawn their funds before the freeze took place.

Levy declared that events took place so fast that they did not have the time to put any measures in place and avoid clients from being affected by FCA‘s decision.

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