Generations: How We May Differ in Handling Quarantine

It has been reported that there is a new betting game in town, no not sports or racehorses, but tag , who will get COVID first after exposure. It seems the college aged people in Alabama are just bored to tears and decided to play a new game, here is how it goes:

A host invites person to a party who is known positive with coronavirus. They actually come, despite the ethical and legal ramifications. People bet on who will come down with the illness first. The money gets put in a big pot ,and whomever is positive first wins, or in this case loses. The Fire Chief and the City Council of Tuscaloosa obtained information this week regarding these parties, and confirmed it through undisclosed sources to ABC news. It is true, the percent of deaths in this age group is .12 %, but passing it along to others is increasing, the death toll is now at 130,000 in the US and around the country the spread is spiking. The real worry is the ICU beds, for instance in Alabama, the ICU’s are 82% full. In an already stressed healthcare system, the spread of the virus to the older population with co-morbidities, such as diabetes , hypertension, and autoimmune disorders could cause a insurmountable stress on the healthcare system, let alone deaths among our parents and grandparents. Doctors and nurses are already working overtime to ensure that people are cared for, this is just like a big nose thumbing to those caretakers. Those Nurses, doctors, Respiratory Therapist, CNA’s, Housekeepers, Dietitians,Pharmacists, all of them taking care collaboratively, of people in critical need are counting on every one of us to do their part to mitigate the spread.

The thought of this, in effect playing with each others lives, reminds me of a dystopian novel. The quarantine has affected everyone, every generation but in different ways. Making a game out of a potentially deadly disease is unfathomable to most people why would anyone much less supposedly intelligent forward thinking collegiates do this? An explanation from where generations have been and are coming from will perhaps better understand why they do what they do. Of course people are individual , and there should never be an overgeneralizing in one generation or the next.

The young generation or Generation Z or Zoomers as they are dubbed, were born in the mid 1990 to the 2010’s. The terrorist attacks of 911 and the great recession have said to influence this group to feel unsettlement and insecurity. Loneliness, anxiety and fragility , especially among girls on social media all make Gen Z vulnerable and value social acceptance. No wonder they feel the need to huddle in mass. This can of course cause the problems we are seeing . Plans looking ahead and the cumulative effect of their decision processes are something that some Gen Z’s have a difficulty in understanding.

The Mid generation, Generation X, 1965-1980 births, were the self sufficient, the “latch key kid”, the MTV era. This group is still working and balancing home life. They are battling when to retire while still having student debt of their own coupled with gen Z kids still maybe at home. They may have to take care of their Boomer parents as well. This group is doubly in the middle, as they have to worry about all generations in a epidemic. They may be watching grandchildren and their parents, coupled with working. Protection of all parties is optimal, but this goes against the younger generation, whom tends to want to think of their own immediate needs.

Most of the older generation, the riskiest of all are simply staying home. They understand that a few months in the grand scheme of things is not going to make or break things. They are the baby boomers, they were born during or a little after World War II, before technology before television, they understand how to live simply and what sacrifice is. They remember when they had nothing. They are happy to be in the place they are now, they want viability to look to the future. They have enlisted more technology to keep connected with family and order products essential to a good home life until they can live fully again.

Hopefully, we can all look at our differences and stay the course, realize that the id is not prevalent, but the broader view of all should be considered. The Orwellian dynamic cannot be the answer, we must break free of the twilight zone and we must think and do the right things now, for it will impact the future we have.

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