*Disclaimer: make sure you have your Authenticator app handy after you register/after you log in.*

Brave has just introduced it’s users with a Rewards Market. This allows it’s users to earn gift cards from top brands and donate BAT to help support the fight against COVID19.

Go ahead and sign up if you don’t already a Uphold account. If you’re already registered with uphold; click the login button.

Authorize TAP Rewards and again make sure you have your Authenticator app ready to enter your code. This a required, otherwise you will not be able to enter any sweepstakes. I’ll be entering the sweepstakes as an example for this article. You’re allowed to choose as many you like at only 10 cents each. I’ll only be choosing one at this time..

When you click on a digital gift card. You get to choose the amount of entries for any uphold card you already own. You also have the option to add funds if needed. 

Click continue after you choose a Uphold card and the total amount of entries. 

The confirmation page will provide a conversion rate and the total amount of BAT that will be entered in the sweepstakes.

BAT will be taken out of your account right away. The final page should provide a date for the winner to be announced. The winner will be notified via their Uphold account email.

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