As cities across the country continue to paint #BlackLivesMatter across the streets and people continue to be invigorated about making change for the positive, how can we maintain this momentum and challenge the old establishment to make steps in the right direction to halt this systematic racial bias?

Form a Lobby Group

Lobbying political members to influence legislation has been in practice for years. It is something that has been a part of this political landscape and some people have made careers changing and influencing government.

Lobbying, which usually involves direct, face-to-face contact, is done by many types of people, associations and organized groups, including individuals in the private sector, corporations, fellow legislators, government officials or advocacy groups. 

A #BlackLivesMatter lobby group could address the problem face to face with many of the members of congress and legislators to help influence change for the positive.

Create a Political Party 

With the strength of numbers who are invigorated by change, now would be the perfect time to create a political party to challenge the institutional racism and directly face the congress members and hold them accountable.

Here is the link to register a political party.

Continue Protests and Political Rallies

Nothing promotes change quickly than continuing protests and rallies at all publicized appearances by both Democrat and Republican political members. Holding them accountable and making your voice heard. Demanding change and making yourself seem by them as a force that needs to be worked with to help substantiate the change process.

Contact Your Local Senator or Council Member

Ask your congressmen and women this difficult questions. Demand answers and change. Sending in emails and letter on a regular basis, asking them what they are doing to help the #BlackLivesMatter movement. 

If at all possible send in emails and letters weekly until you start getting the responses you like, but keep it up, be determined to hold them accountable. As remember these elected officials are here to represent the community so make sure community makes them aware they are demanding change.

Here is a link to find your local member and how to contact them:

Stay Connected

Keep yourself engaged and connected to all the information about #BlackLivesMatter. Sign up to the website and read everything that is available. Listen to the news and keep an eye out on social media. 

Keeping on top of the all relevant information and staying informed is a great way to keep the momentum for change going. Talk to family and friends and lets make this change happen.

Here is the link to the #BlackLivesMatter website to keep yourself up to date.

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