What is an Entanglement

Some people consider Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith as black Hollywood royalty. The Smiths are well rounded performers – known for acting, producing, screenwriting, singing, and participating in business ventures.

Social media platforms were on fire with the term “entanglement” for the past few days. Why? Only recently we learned that Jada Pinkett Smith had an entanglement with August Alsina.

Why does this matter? Right now, the world is dealing with serious topics such as COVID-19, Black Lives Matter movement, etc. Honestly, some people rather latch on to this topic to at least take a mini break from the serious topics. Entanglement sounds pretty juicy and interesting. It means a complicated or compromising relationship.

On Friday, July 11th the couple had a Red Table Talk conversation. Red Table Talk is an American web talk show which airs on Facebook which stars Jada Pinkett Smith. Give props to Jada, I’m sure she did not like talking about this topic at all, but she decided to reveal details on her own show. I am sure she will get more talk show views after the heat for this topic calms down.

She explained on the show the following:

  • August Alsina was a family friend of the Smiths. He originally asked the Smith family to help him with his health
  • Jada and Will Smith were separated – both thinking that the separation would be permanent – when Jada started entangling with August
  • Jada and Will later reconciled their marriage

From this conversation, some people are still dragging the Smiths especially when they ended the conversation by saying “bad marriage for life.” 

I’m not going to judge their marriage. The Smith couple have been married for approximately 23 years. During an interview with Oprah, the Smith couple mentioned that they had a purpose for their marriage and that they tried to fulfill many goals together. It looks like they did that – with successful kids, prosperous careers and businesses between them.

Allegedly they were known for having an open relationship anyway. At least they taught us a new term for an affair.  

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  1. Kenyata Garner

    I would agree that with so much going on in the world some people just latched onto the Smith’s drama for a break. At the end of the day, we really shouldn’t be looking st celebrities as the end all be all when it comes to relationships and so forth. They are human beings and they can do what they please with their relationships. Loved the article. Well written.

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