Born on October, 23, 1970, Grant Imahara was an American electrical engineer, roboticist and television-host.

Grant Imahara is best known for his work with the famous television show: Mythbusters, for which he designed many robots to use in their shows. He was also specialized in operating the many computers used there.

Besides his work for the Mythbusters, He also starred in the Netflix series: White Rabbit Project, in which they also did numerous experiments in the name of science.

In his early life, Grant lived in Los Angeles, CA where he graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor’s degree in science and a specialization in electrical engineering.

During his school career he intended to switch his majority with the intention of becoming a screenwriter, but decided to stay on engineering after assisting Tomlinson Holman, who is a professor at the USC school of Cinematic Arts.

Grant also had a passion for live action roleplaying games, which is revealed in the series: White Rabbits Projects.

After graduation Grant joined the television show: ‘Mythbusters’ on personal invitation of Jamie Hyneman himself, who’s one of the executive producers of this popular show.

With the Mythbusters, Grant gained his most experience in his hands and lots of fans on his side too. Fans who will be missing Grant very hard.

Grant passed away at the age of forty-nine, due to a brain decease.

May you rest in peace, great Mythbuster.

Grant Imahara: Born on October 23 in 1970 and quietly left us on July 13 2020.

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