Whenever many of us subscribed to Disney+, we did it for very specific reasons. From wanting to see new original content from our favorite franchises to hoping to relive childhood memories, Disney+ has been able to provide that. However, with any streaming service, not everything offered is a hit. Sometimes, you can be scrolling through the available movies and television series and just wonder, “Who is this for?” Here is a quick look at some of those things on Disney+.

Marvel Future Avengers

Courtesy of Disney.

Apparently, there is an “Avengers” anime out there. In this series, three teenagers raised by Hydra to defeat The Avengers discover that the organization isn’t what they first believed it to be. The trio run into The Avengers who decide to train them to become Avengers later on.

Though the superhero team is no stranger to animated adventures, this one stands out for being one that strays away from what many would expect from a series about The Avengers.

The Muppets (2015)

Courtesy of ABC Pictures

Since the late 1970s, “The Muppets” have been a mainstay of children’s television. However, with this 2015 series, the iconic characters went for a more mature audience.

“The Muppets (2015)” tries to go for a mockumentary style similar to “Parks and Recreation” and “The Office.” In this series, Miss Piggy is a late night talk show host and follows her and the other muppets as they live out their lives in Los Angeles.

The series was an odd departure from the usual style of other “Muppets” related shows. It only ended up lasting a single season so you can probably tell that this departure was too much for others as well.

Quack Pack

Courtesy of Walt Disney Television Animation and D23.com

If you thought that there wasn’t enough series about teenage ducks, “Quack Pack” easily remedies this problem for you.

Taking place after “DuckTales,” this series follows a teenage Huey, Dewey and Louie who are now living with their Uncle Donald and helping out Daisy, who is a news reporter. “Quack Pack” takes a more grounded approach to the characters trying to appeal to a “Goof Troop” audience.


Courtesy of Pol-ka Producciones and Disney Channel Latin America

It can truly be said that Disney has done everything when you see that over in Latin America, and now Disney+, they have a telenovela.

“Violetta” follows Violetta Castillo, played by Martina Stoessel, who returns to Buenos Aires after moving around with her dad German Castillo, played by Diego Ramos, after the death of her singer mother. Upon returning home, she goes to a music school for piano lessons from a teacher who turns out to be her aunt Angie, played by Clara Alonso. With Angie’s help, Violetta begins to realize her musical talents as she makes new friends and enemies.

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