At first glance, that goal would seem impossible. Tyra is only known for one thing, which is being a supermodel. She started modeling when she was 15 years old and hasn’t stopped making moves since. She appeared in various magazine covers.

She went from modeling to acting. Most notably appearing in Fresh Prince of Belair, Nick Cannon’s Wild n Out, The Price is Right, etc. even appearing in movies such as Life-Size, Higher Learning, etc.

Later she decided to do her own shows- producing and starring in the daytime talk show Tyra Banks Show and reality tv show America’s Next Top Model.

Now she is doing something entirely different. She is working on the hosting gig. Yesterday, she announced big news, she will be hosting Dancing With the Stars. She will be a producer there too.

As Tyra dips into different fields such as acting, modeling and hosting – one thing is clear – she is rising.

Subtly this star is becoming a mogul. Watch out Oprah, you may have company at the top.

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