World Emoji Day 2020: the creation of Emojis has made the digital verbal exchange, even more, a laugh. Customers of smartphones text and send over 70 billion chat messages every day, which includes more than 10 Billion emojis and 700 Million Stickers sent on a daily basis.

Who created the World Emoji Day? And How?

World Emoji Day was created in 2014 by Jeremy Burge, the founder of the emoji reference website Emojipedia. He chooses July 17 because this is the date displayed in the Calendar Emoji on the Apple keyboard.

Jeremy Burge created World Emoji Day in 2014 via website Emojipedia. He selected July 17 as the celebration date because of the date displayed inside the Calendar Emoji on the Apple keyboard.

How to celebrate World Emoji Day

Several World Emoji Day campaigns and activities have been taking hold. Most especially on social media. Everyone keeps posting their emoji day ideas.

It is noticed that during the pandemic lockdown, phone users or customers were sending their thoughts about the virus with the use of emojis.

Currently, Emoji usage has increased by 8% overall, compared to last year. During the worldwide lockdown, emoji usage increased to 58%

What your favorite Emoji? Mine is very scary… It can make you scream!!!

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