Drawing from the morning news on cable media, an article from USA TODAY and information on biography.com, I am viewing the life and death of Congressman John R. Lewis through the lens of empowerment beyond. Representative Lewis died Friday night, seven months after receiving a diagnosis for Stage IV pancreatic cancer at age 80.

Born on February 21, 1940, the congressman is said to have had a happy childhood as part of a sharecropping family in rural Alabama. In 1954 when he was only 14 years old, because of his reported disappointment that the Supreme Court ruling in the Brown v. Board of Education had no impact on practices in his school district, the unfairness of segregation ignited his passion for what became his lifetime mission.

Congressman John Robert Lewis, 1940-2020

That miscarriage of justice was the fire behind his empowerment. He did not let the torture and struggles that followed stop him. Arrested numerous times after he started participating in sit-ins at segregated lunch counters in Nashville, TN. Trained in nonviolent protest strategies, he quickly rose to leadership in the movement, applying his knowledge, skills and abilities in organizations for enfranchising minorities.

From a community activist and member of the City Council in Atlanta GA, he won a seat in the US Congress in 1986. Congressman Lewis became a best-selling author, winning the National Book Award for children’s literature in 2016 with his “graphic memoir, MARCH. In 2011, this nation’s first Black president, Barack Obama, presented him the Presidential Medal of Freedom,  the nation’s highest civilian award. Recognizing his persistence in speaking out on issues of justice and equality, President Obama referred to him as the Conscious of the United States Congress and a man of great courage. Congressman Lewis won his 17th term in Congress in November 2018.

As though he was passing on the torch to “the newest generation of Americans” he is said to have “summoned the strength to visit the peaceful protests” in June of this year, during the last weeks of his encounters with cancer. He showed admiration for those taking up “the unfinished” business of racial justice. Surely everyone moving forward with this mission have a strong legacy and monumental shoulders on which to stand. By his life and death, Congressman Lewis is a major influence on them as they are restoring themselves to their innate empowerment.

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A lifelong learner with a multidisciplinary doctoral degree in Family Systems, I leveraged the disciplines of Family Therapy, Adult Development, and Adult Learning to enrich a social work career I entered with the earned bachelors in Psychology. I am a student of life. Having designed the curricula for self-directed learning, I attained a strong knowledge base in chemical dependency counselor training and theology. From the year 2014, I am increasingly passionate about quantum communication, epigenetics, neuroscience, neuroplasticity, and mysticism. I am subsequently developing eclectic proficiency in the new sciences.
Knowing the human transformational process evolves, I realize my advancement includes developing expertise in brain-based learning and teaching. This quality impacts my plain- language writing skills for translating complex concepts into generic terms. After learning that a fifteenth-century thinker set the division between science and philosophy, resulting in the dismissal of the human consciousness, its purpose, and use from the sciences, I began to identify myself as the philosopher and scientist of my life and my world.
I learned about the impact of “thought” on health, relationships, and finances. I started testing my faculties to see if I could discern the differences. Like magic, I got astounding and exciting results. Because of my findings, I wanted to share the knowledge of this capacity with everyone. My reach, because of the internet, is global. Learners using the Imagination Education platform have proved to themselves their ever-expanding brilliance.
My drive is to take the teachings of mysticism out of the occult. For this reason, I focus on everything-consciousness, specializing in the structure and function of the mind. Through my scientific approaches, I find again and again that we can transcend our limitations and fears to restore our natural sense of empowerment. This practice means taking back the power that we always had, but forgot.
Upon learning the impact of thought on health and relationships, I started testing specific scientific concepts, applying a wide variety of procedures. I integrate the four properties of consciousness, thought and belief, and imagination and feeling, to make the changes I want to see in my body, relationships, finances, and the world.
Most significantly, in my experimentation, I found the thought of fear is unnecessary. I found the need to seek the approval of others is no longer the way to attain our desires. That no one can take anything from us or deprive us of anything resulted in a profound awakening. How is this such a marvelous thing? Each of us has within us the most powerful tool that exists, the wonderful human imagination. Using the human imagination as a tool, we can change anything. We make everything that exists in the world around us with this instrument.
We are imagination and consciousness!
I write in conversational style to explain how we are connected to one another in an infinite field of consciousness, emphasizing how to maintain brain-body coherence. Upon learning the impact of thought on health and relationships, I started testing specific scientific concepts through which we could as individuals expand human consciousness. The idea is to transcend our limitations and fears in order to restore our natural sense of empowerment – take back our power. My results show we no longer have to let others dominate or enslave us, or deprive us of anything. We have the power of thought and belief, imagination and feeling to change anything. We usually dismiss these four qualities of empowerment because we are most often captivated by the visible world around us. I am in my writing emphasizing the power of living simultaneously in the two worlds consciously, with the understanding that it is through the inner, invisible world that we form our outer, visible world. Everything starts in Imagination.

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