Is Trump Really the Problem?

You turn on your radio or TV, you open your browser or social media, Trump will be the on of the list. Some are weary of this and some are still looking for more of. Liberals will tell you of their lists of why Trump is a mess and he is taking US down. I personally believe it is not Trump who is the problem. Of course, he has done and said, hundreds of controversial things but in 2020, the individuals are not determinants of a society. Think of all the past presidents. They were all limited in power by the rule of law or the obstacles of the constitution. There were always people on Capitol Hill trying to tame the decisions of the POTUS.


Tables have turned however. Now, the same forces of the constitution whose job is checks and balances, are basically “enablers”. And it is not only the GOP to blame. Democrats haven’t done much to control or gain the trust of the public. All they did was to double down on things Trump has done and agitate the division. The political system of the United States is a mess of partisanship while Russia and China are sweeping through the world in terms of economy and influence.

I would like to take a step back and perceive this from the vantage point of a political pathologists. Trump is not a political figure or man of governance in nature. He is actually a media personality and this is the age of media. It has been years where folks get their news and facts from the phones. The change makers are not scientists or philosophers but celebrities of Reality TV. I hate to overgeneralize but in essence, nobody reads actual books. Half of those who do are also focused on fake motivations and eating frogs.

The freedom of pretty much everything, at least on the surface level, has created this illusion of entitlement and righteousness. The result is lack of political and societal pragmatism and common sense. People vote for someone because the other guy is wrong, not because the one they are voting has any values.

History will teach people great lessons but the political fluctuations have always been a thing for any ideology and political system. However, America is inarguably NOT just any country. It is the country that affects the economy of the world and its politics will not only change the fate of Americans but all of us. Our only hope will be the November of 2020 and the person who prevails this chaotic cesspool of divisions and uncertainty.

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