Although the origins of ice cream are very unclear, it is said that early forms of ice cream were prevalent in Ancient China. Marco Polo is also credited in spreading sorbet to Europe. And frankly, none of this matters as this frozen dessert has continuously pleased people for ages. In fact, it pleased so many people in the United States that President Ronald Reagan decided that it was appropriate to officially celebrate this treat on July 9, 1984! Now occurring on the third Sunday of every July, National Ice Cream Day is yet another excuse to load up on this dairy goodness in summer. 

However, instead of buying the same flavors, why don’t you try something new? Maybe even something super out-of-the-ordinary? Here are some of the weirdest ice-cream flavors that might interest you: 

  1. Ghost Pepper 
  2. Spaghetti and Cheese
  3. Lobster
  4. Dill Pickle
  5. Honey Jalapeno Pickle
  6. Roasted Beets With Goat Cheese
  7. Mountain Dew and Doritos
  8. Beef Tongue
  9. Pear and Blue Cheese
  10.  Olive Oil 

If you have the opportunity to try one of them, do so– like I said earlier, take a risk this year. 

Check out your favorite ice cream shop’s website and see what sweet deals they have in store for you! Finally, please try to support local businesses if you can this year as opposed to big brand chains, like Baskin-Robbins– it will make a big difference in their lives. 

Happy National Ice Cream Day!

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