Targeting Civil unrest with Department of Homeland Security

President Trump vowed law and order once again as he stated he will send in federal agents in cities with out of control crime run by Democrats, the first being Chicago. There is no love lost between Trump and the leaders of Chicago, Trump has cited issue multiple times with how Chicago’s law enforcement has to be tougher since his presidency has begun.

He has targeted 7 states that are run by democrats that he feels are out of control and have seen a uptick in shootings and crime, such as New York and Philadelphia, that he is considering sending federal help . The assistance has come with push back and is unwanted by the municipalities. Dubbed Operation Legend, this federal help would come in the form of Homeland security ICE agents. These tactical teams are trained in riot and demonstrations, but the experience that they have had has been at the border, dealing with caravans of people, and drug cartels, a little different than protesters. Some say that federal or police strong presence only hastens the unrest and incites violence and tension. It is unclear whether Trump is sending these agents in to handle people in protest, or a plan for crime, or both.

The plan is to send 150 agents into Chicago. There is no word though on the rest of the details. Who they would be working with, what would be the reporting matrix, and what they would be working on. What they would expect to be reporting, what metrics they would be reporting, and the goals or outcomes that they would be responsible for, has not been shared.

Chicago’s mayor Lori Lightfoot has said that Trump’s interference is unwanted and possibly illegal. If it is illegal, she will “See him in court” . Mayor Lightfoot is concerned with the recent protests in Oregon and allegations of the acts of the federal agents there. There have been reports of federal agents in Portland, Oregon, taking protesters off the street into unmarked vehicles and arresting them or holding them for questioning. Gov. Kate Brown of Oregon Stated that”This is a democracy not a dictatorship, I cant believe I have to say that to the President of the United States”

In this a election year, where Trump is at least 15 points behind Biden, and he is riding on his law and order platform. It is pretty much the only thing he has got at this point. He wants to achieve a decrease in crime in these states, but currently there is no plan in place , he is not working with the leaders of those states in a cooperative effort. I am sure they would like crime to drop in their states as well and would appreciate the assistance in the right manner, one cannot just come in blasting away with both barrels, and expect a “thank you” when you have not even consulted them and worked congenially on a plan of attack.

The leaders of the states in question are very much on the defensive, and for fair reason. not only are they dealing with a President with whom they don’t agree, but they also may have disparages among their police forces, they have protests, racial disparities.. oh and there is a pandemic going on. Let us see what else we can pile on to the mayoral and governors desk. Don’t get me wrong, crime is a big thing, and any time it goes up it needs to be dealt with, but the United States was founded on certain principles and they can not be directed by politics of the day.

So we will wait and see what types of items the federal agents come up with in Chicago this week, as it will be a model if they go forth to other cities, and just what legality they have to be there, despite the concerns by the elected officials there. We will look forward to the metrics reported to see if the crimes go down with the interventions that the President initiates to make citizens safer. For safety of American citizens should be the main focus.

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