Since Comic Con 2020 is being hosted entirely online and for free, we all get to see the amazing costume winners this year! These pictures were submitted online to our judges so they could choose the best costumes for each category.

Best in Show : Astra, Queen of the Frostborn

An Original Design crafted by Sarah Kruger (@queenofthefrostborn​). “The Frostborn are a people, beings made of that frost, that fog, that cold and mystery. Their queen is strong as ice, and just as beautiful. Astra. As her story came to me, playing out in my head, I knew that I had to make her real.”

Judge’s Choice: Cinderella With a Twist

An Original Design by Mandy Pursey, with Ryan Pursey (@bethesparkcosplay​). “Growing up as an arm amputee, I dreamed of the day when fairy tales would include characters who looked like me too! I came up with the idea of Cinderella trading out her glass slippers for a glass arm, and set to work making this story come to life.”

Best Re-creation: Iron Mask 85, Avengers: Endgame

Made by Frank P. (@franklybuilt​). “My late father took me to see the first Iron man in 2008 when I was about 16 years old and ever since then I’ve been hooked on the MCU and specifically Iron Man. I always dreamed of having my own armor. I mean what kid wouldn’t? But it was always this impractical goal and I had no idea how to use EVA foam or Papercraft. Years went by and eventually, I felt it was time to try my hand at a Cosplay after watching Avengers Endgame and being blown away with the MK85 Armor! It was time to make my first Cosplay. Enter 3D Printing.”

Best Original Design: ACK! The Kenku Monk

Designed and made by Breanne Cremean (@thegeekstresscos​). “Ack! is a part of an amnesia Dungeons and Dragons campaign and has no memory of her past. She chose her name because it’s the first sound she can remember anyone making in reference to her.”

Best Workmanship: Tied between Mercy (Classic Skin), from the Overwatch game and Arturia Pendragon, from the anime & game Fate/stay night

Made by Birdy Cosplay (@birdy-cosplay​). “Costume is made by me, the only purchased parts are the yellow wing parts (I ordered them already in this shape) and the wig (I styled it myself,  but bought the base from Arda Wigs). It was my biggest project so far and it took around 9 months with some short breaks to complete it.”

Crafted by Daniella Lo Presti (@ksfabricartist​). “I created this costume in order to bring to life this character in a realistic way. To replicate the skirt embroidery I deconstructed and pieced back together with different types of lace and I used several layers of cloth so that, when twirling, the gown would open up like a flower. Indeed, in Fate Zero, Arturia is described as being the flower of the battlefields.”

Best Presentation: “Ready to Fight!!”

Be sure to click the link in the heading to see the full video! Consisting of assorted recreations, from Noe Ernesto Cruz Vargas (@lobisonx9​) “In this video, I show most of the cosplay that I have done for several years, in the pure gamer style. It has been a lot of creative work, use of many materials and hours and hours of work. We have an altruistic group in Mexico, we visit children’s hospitals, orphanages, children with cancer, etc.”

Most Humorous: Sally, from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Crafted by Liz Gatouco (@cosbrarian​). “I built the wig and dress from scratch, using second-hand materials to contribute to Sally’s “Ragdoll” persona. I used scraps from tablecloths, pajamas and clothes, upholstery samples, and even the yarn was sourced second hand.”

Best Group: Luke Skywalker, C3P0,  R2D2, from Star Wars

Made by Tim O’Sullivan and JT Stevens (@1flukeskywalker​).

Honorable Mentions: 1740’s Elizabeth Swan, from Pirates of the Caribbean and Keesha’s Hungry, from Star Wars

Adrienne C.  (@waxsealedcostumes​). “My 1740s Elizabeth Swann is almost entirely hand sewn with historical materials and historical construction methods from the outside in, starting from the shift, stays, panniers, under petticoat, matelassé outer petticoat, to the silk pleated-back English gown.”

Jennifer Yi (@kaiweevil​). Her eyes are made from dyed round plastic and her mouth, nose, and teeth from painted sculpy. Ears are cut sheets of foam and everything is covered with fur. Cowl is pigskin laced with leather and I used some bones, feathers, and teeth I had lying around for decoration. Hands and feet are modified Yoda hands.”

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