2020 seems to be the year of the conspiracy theory, with alien sightings, chinese coronavirus, made in the lab, and now Qanon.

Qanon originated in 2017, on a media platform that you post anonymously. This rather baseless theorem is a growing right-wing conspiracy that’s garnered national attention after Twitter announced it was removing or suspending accounts associated with it, roughly 7,000 of them . It implies there is a “deep state”with ties to child sex trafficking rings. These rings, that are filled with prominent people and celebrities, are being fleshed out by President Trump. The movement is dubbed a “Cabal” of satanic pediopholes and they are in many levels of high power among hollywood elite and business in Hollywood. There is not any evidence that can be produced, and it is shockingly unbelievable, but that is how people believe it. It is like a superhero story of the underworld, fighting the secret world of bad guys, armed with nothing but twitter, and people who will do your bidding.

Qanon theorist believe that if the President had not been elected, that this santanic cult would be running the free world by now. This is supported and spoken about not only by anonymous people, but elected and hopeful candidates and fox newscasters.

Why do people belive in conspiracy theories? People dont trust what the government says, we know there’s infighting going on and people try to get leverage within the own their own government jockying for position. People dont trust the media, they frequently use confirmation bias to prove their point. It all comes down to trust.

A side note

With lock down for so long due to coronavirus it can be imagined that maybe a saturation can easily occur and more conspiracy theorum can abound . It could be very easy to get involved in multiple conspiracies due to boredom, loneliness, and non socialization . Ones mental health can be affected by continuous news coverage and the ongoing world injustices and issues. There comes a time when television needs to be shut off and a return to classic literature maybe optimal.

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