Thinking of promoting your writings or publishing your book but don’t know where to go ahead and land a viable publishing deal ? Worry not for we have got you covered. Independent Publishing is a successful publishing stream that allows the author to maintain his creative agency since it facilitates the publishing process without scooping out chunks from the manuscript, which may be an authors central notions, implicit concerns voiced through his words. The authors words comes to be published just as he has written them , without any alterations or twists. The author exercises control in the selection of his book format, cover design and even in areas such as the development of marketing strategies. This means , commencing from the composition of the manuscript, to its editing, designing and publishing, authorial consent and control is of prime importance since it is the author himself who calls the shots. This makes Independent Publishing a lucrative practice, by facilitating the authors dream to publish his manuscript, just the way he likes it.

While surveying credible Independent Publishing houses and their creative claims, I came across Purcell Press. A publishing house that is unique and a first of its kind, Purcell Press offers better publishing access to the writer. This  publishing company will work with you to find the best publishing solution for your script. They also offer editing and consultation advice.

To further understand the operational dynamics of Purcell Press Publishing , I got into an enlightening conversation with its Editor Alice F Wickham. Let’s run through the course of the interview and see what her promising press has to offer!

1.What is the vision of your publishing company, Purcell Press ? How does it align with your personal ideology? 

Purcell Press is a platform for new and emerging writers to display their work, either self-published or traditionally published.  I believe it’s important to have a focused channel to encourage new voices.   We will occasionally publish a writer, but mostly we want to promote new books, and we also offer workshops to develop those voices.

2. What value will Purcell Press add to the authors work?

Promotion and development to build confidence and public awareness of the writer. Also through our low-cost editing and workshopping/consultation service we can help the writer to grow.  

3 . What will the publishing process be like when an author collaborates with you? What services can an author expect from Purcell Press?

The writer is responsible for his or her text. We will assist with critiquing and consultation on the story flow, the narrative structure, and point the writer towards the best publishing solution for the book. If we choose to publish the book, we will take care of all the formatting for Amazon e-books and print on demand. However, we will only publish writers who have used our consultancy service or who have workshopped their material with us.

4. Can you provide us an insight about the remunerative process ? How does the company divide / share the royalties earned?

If we publish the book, the writer receives all the revenues from sales. The copyright belongs to the writer. We act as the channel.  We are not publishers in the traditional sense.  It’s a joint publishing effort.

5. Can the author amend/change the text of his work after it is published ? Who retains the rights of the text?

The writer retains all rights. We wouldn’t get involved in any alterations.  At that point the writer needs to republish the book but he or she needs to attend to any edition updates. We can again offer our advice and consultancy.We currently seeking writers for our forthcoming StoryStudio. This is intended to be a small membership community of writers – we will work collaboratively to publish a book together at the end of the workshop process. Should be exciting and fun.  Details

If you are looking to publish a book or kickstart a creative venture , do not forget to check out Purcell Press’s online forum You will gain something of value for sure!

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