Tik Tok: Is a Ban in the Works For the Popular App?

Politics is looming large these days in just about everything we do including the apps we use. Tic Toc is the latest Folly in a long line of apps that are coming under scrutiny by the government under the direction of Donald Trump citing questionable interference with American people and their data by the China.

But the United States is not the only country who is concerned about the dance friendly app . India has put a ban on Tik Tok as in June this year there was a Clash with the Chinese that left 20 Indian dead. It goes without saying that India and China are not on best terms so again politics come into play.

So is China really meddling in people’s personal information as a way to gain, and breach data in some conspiracy? With well over a billion users researchers in New Delhi at a company called Israeli cyber-security exposed that personal information on Tik Tok such as private as an email addresses and sensitive videos of its users are vulnerable to hackers. It further States that data breaches are becoming an epidemic, the latest research shows that most popular apps are at risk.

With anything we have to use our judgment and live our lives as best we can, anything can be potentially dangerous these days; getting a cup of coffee , walking down the street…We have to judge if the risk is worth the benefit of how we feel doing it.

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