ExPurgatory – A Look at What Could Have Been

By: Corey Lack


The fourth book of Peter Clines’s exheroes series, ExPurgatory, is certainly a unique story, even with just this series. The plot has the main characters suddenly finding themselves in a world where the exes never took over the world and there was no such thing as superheroes. It was an interesting way to see the various super characters in their average, ordinary lives. The story was also very good about not giving away the big plot twist as, while through most of the plot, it’s clear that there is something hinky going on, but not what the cause is. Even the characters realize that there is something wrong and even who might be behind it when the fictionalized version of Smith appears, but every time the reader thinks they’ve got a handle on the truth, Clines throws another curve ball to make them think otherwise.


The fascinating characters, even the so-called “super-phobic” Christian, are still very present throughout the story. Granted, the non-supers, for the most part, are once again put on the backburner while the supers get most of the screen time. Since they are the most interesting characters, I can’t exactly complain about that, but there were certainly chances to develop the everyday person as they try to live in a world of zombies and superheroes. I especially enjoyed Zzzap’s parts as he was constantly the joker of the group with his references to pop culture.


The main issue that I had with this book was that the Legion plot wasn’t even brought up in the story. When there is an interesting villain in a series, it works against the series itself to have that villain be put in the background. That isn’t to say that Smith isn’t interesting either, but I would have been happier with the series if one villain’s story was completed without introducing another one. That said, I would still recommend the book. I’d give it 7.5 wheelchairs out of 10.

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I am a graduate student at Northern Kentucky University. I like writing fantasy and science fiction, playing video games, and watching movies.

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