Over 97,000 Student Are Infected Of Coronavirus In United States

According to a CNN report, over 97,000 students have tested positive for coronavirus for the last 2 weeks of July in the U.S. it no joke that the coronavirus is a lethal virus which can get contracted easily. Young age groups are now more known to be prone to this virus.

Source: theconversation.com

This might turn into more dire consequences if the virus is not intensively treated. Currently, many minds are up as they fear a high coronavirus death rate won’t surge again.

According to recent research, there have been about 40% increase in child coronavirus cases in the United States and cities that were studied during those two weeks. Only one state, Alabama, has an infected age range beyond age 24. Many states in which these positive tested children results were found are only up to age 14.

All hands must be on deck to completely constrict this miniature problem. If more scientists, doctors, and other experts are needed, they should be called upon. It the lives of our children at stack. The lives of the future of tomorrow are at stake. Their lives matter.

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