Trump’s Use of Law Enforcement at Polling Locations

On Thursday, President Donald Trump stated he would use sheriffs and law enforcement at polling locations to prevent voter fraud.

“We’re going to have sheriffs, and we’re going to have law enforcement. And we’re going to have hopefully U.S. attorneys, and we’re going to have everybody and attorney generals [sic],” Trump told Sean Hannity, during an interview on Fox News.

Widespread voter fraud is a concept being pushed by the Trump administration leading up to Election Day, even though there is no proof of such acts widespread. Voter fraud is a rare occurrence. The Voting Rights Project only found 491 absentee ballot fraud cases between 2000 and 2012, and the Brennan Center for Justice stated 250 million votes have been cast in this manner since 2000.

Many states who rely on voting-by-mail have been doing so for over twenty years, with few to zero cases of fraud. Federal investigators like when voter fraud cases come their way because they are easy to prove.

Colorado Secretary of State, Jena Griswold said, “Sending law enforcement to polling locations is designed for voter intimidation rather than election security, indistinguishable from tactics used against Black voters in the Jim Crow South,”

Trump is suing New Jersey and Nevada over their plans to expand mail-in voting ahead of the general election in November. During the interview on Thursday, Trump mentioned both states, and claimed “anyone can sign the ballots.” This is not true.

In Wisconsin earlier this week, Trump told the crowd that “the only way we’re going to lose this election is if the election is rigged,” per CNN. Trump has also stated he fears a Republican loss in November if there is widespread mail-in voting.

Despite Trump’s attempts to cast a shadow on the world of mail-in voting, The New York Times reported nine states will send every registered voter a mail-in ballot. Thirty-four states will allow voters to cast their ballots by mail and use the coronavirus as a reason, or not specify a reason at all.

This is a far cry from the total disintegration of the voting system claimed by Trump.

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