Return to Arkham: Arkham City – A Very Accurate Remaster of the Game

By: Corey Lack

rta 2 ac

So, the second game that was in the Return to Arkham bundle was the remaster of Arkham City. Like the first remaster in the bundle, the Arkham City remake is essentially the original Arkham City game with better graphics. This is for good and bad.


It is good that it is accurate because of the gameplay and the characters. Everything that was enjoyable in the original game are still very present in this version. The movement is greatly improved and a lot more fluid than in the Arkham Asylum game, which is great because the map is a lot bigger and therefore would be a lot more annoying if the movement was the same as in the first one. The combat hasn’t changed all that much from the first game, but that’s fine as there wasn’t much of an issue with it. It’s still fluid, brutal, and feels actually impactful. The character roster is much bigger in this one with more villains and familiar characters making appearances. So much so, that the player will feel like they are being pulled in multiple directions. Normally, this would be a bad thing, but considering this is a game about a superhero who frequently comes under attack from supervillains, it actually works as it gives the player a taste of the same sort of mental strain Batman would have to deal with.


Now, let’s talk about the bad part of this being a very accurate remaster. It wasn’t until it happened to me in this remaster that I remembered it was a major problem in the original as well and that is the bugs. There is one bug in particular that happened on multiple occasions. There would be times where the buildings would not solidify and I wouldn’t find that out until I glided right through them and fell into the water where there should be solid ground. Now, this wouldn’t be that big of an issue if it didn’t happen most often when I was doing a time-based mission. Then, the ground would solidify after a few crucial seconds leaving me with not nearly enough time to get to the destination and resulting in an entirely undeserved game over screen.


That said, the game is still very enjoyable to play. Even with the annoying bugs that pop up, the game works for the most part and all of the good parts of it still make it worth playing. I’d recommend this for both fans of the original game and fans of the Batman series. I’d give it 8.5 tainted blood transfusions out of 10.

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